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Penawar Hitam

Penawar Hitam or Black Gold is a natural wood that is black in color. Penawar Hitam is a natural fossilized black wood that is inside the core of the tree trunk.

Penawar Hitam is a natural black wood that possesses rich mystical properties.Penawar Hitam is very rare and very diffcult to find.

Black Gold is traditional used for protection from black magic,evil spirits and good luck.
Even Indonesia Bomohs carry Penawar Hitam as a protection against evil spirits and black magic.

1. It is an antidote and offer protection from black magic and evil intention of others
2. Keep psychic attack and evil spirit away
3. Possess positive energy to expel negative forces
4. Attract wealth, prosperity and luck
5. Bring success to new endeavors
6. Enhance spiritual power and strength

Here is a story about a little girl with 'yin yang' eye or third eye. Somehow, the ghosts knows that she can see them and tends to disturb her, this disturbance is especially common during Chinese hungry ghost month, or during funeral procession.

After wearing the black gold, the ghosts no longer bother her and in fact she says that when they see her coming they 'run' far away from her.

Those people who like to go jungle trekking , mountain climbing or biking , camping, 4 wheel drives into forest and any other deep jungle activities is ADVISED TO CARRY A RAJA  KAYU OR PENAWAR HITAM for their protection.

四寸长两寸宽 黑金刚木




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黑金刚 (一套)


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